In 2016, I did what any smart advertising veteran would do: I left the stability of a position for which I was recognized in the industry for one that would feed my nagging insecurity and imposter syndrome forever. I loved that old business affairs gig, but man, I really super-love this one.  These days, I'm working with clients like Pace Salsa, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Don Julio, Carnival and Dick's Sporting Goods with my partner, Isaac Weeber, who makes every idea beautiful and so much better. 


In 2012, I read Tina Fey's Bossy Pants and caught the comedy bug. I  jumped in and studied all over NYC: Magnet, UCB, The PIT and more, under passionate, hilarious teachers like Hannah Chase, Nick Kanellis, Armando Diaz, Ben Rameaka, Corey Brown, Elana Fishbein, Louis Kornfeld and Peter McNerny.  These days, I get to write for house sketch team Danger Noodle at the Magnet Theater and also  write/perform with an all-female indy team, Umbrella Corporation. Comedy is contagious as hell, so I'm also on several improv teams, including hip-hop improv team RoboPop!,  and musical improv team Freeze Frame.

I've dabbled in some Voice-Over and On-Camera work and can't wait to do more.