Annemarie Cullen has worked in advertising for over 20 years, with a long list of clients like Nike, ESPN, Squarespace and Google. She began her advertising career on the production side: wrangling legal issues and talent; licensing rights to music and film; and making celebrity deals. She did some writing on and off in her spare time, but the discovery of improv was the catalyst that forced her creative side to the forefront and, in 2015, she began copywriting at Anomaly.  The move became official in 2016, and she’s just tickled to write for a living.


In 2012, Annemarie, a lifelong class clown, read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants and learned about improv comedy. She has since studied at the Magnet, UCB, The PIT and the Reckless and Annoyance Theaters in New York City under wonderful teachers such as John Swist, Nick Kanellis, Rick Andrews, Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerny, Kevin Cragg and Christian Capozzoli.  She is a member of several improv teams, including hip-hop improv comedy team, RoboPop.  

Annemarie has worked in both Voice-Over and On-Camera.

Her new improv show, That’s What She Said,  premiers at the Magnet Theater in August, 2016 and will run monthly.